Picnik Not Loading?

Picnik no longer exists but a great new site has taken its place. PicMonkey provides all the same great features in the free version.


I take a lot of pictures but in the past did very little with them, other than save them to my hard drive and forget where I put them, until…

A web designing friend of mine, Steve Wolfson, told me about a photo editing program, Picnik, which is hands down the best online, web based, photo editing site around. And that’s not just me talking. The Wall Street Journal and CNET both give Picnik a whopping endorsement and there is a host of other lesser known gurus who say the same. There must be something to it.

But, with any good thing in life, you have hiccups occasionally and what is true with life generally, is true with Picnik also.

After using the program regularly, sometimes daily, it stopped loading properly and for no apparent reason. The URL processed as it usually did but the browser screen was blank. I tried every trick I could think of to get it to load.

  • I typed in the URL instead of selecting it from the bookmark menu.
  • I tried to refresh the page.
  • I moved my cursor all over the blank screen hoping it would highlight some clickable but un-seeable link.
  • I found and used the Down For Everyone Or Just For Me site to see if the Picnik server was up and running. Picnik was working fine for everyone else so I knew then that the problem was me. (This is a brilliant online assistant to see if your machine or the server your accessing is the problem.)

I did all that with no luck other than discovering I was the problem.


As a last resort, I Googled “Picnik help” and found a forum for Picnik users. I then discovered that Picnik is a part of the Google conglomerate. That was good news. Google takes their online stuff seriously so I knew they wouldn’t leave me in the dark for long.

After explaining my problem and requesting help I received an email within a short time suggesting I follow the steps listed in the Google help center to solve my problem. I did and everything was back to normal.

I decided to post this information for two reasons:

  • One, it will be a reference for me in the future should this happen again.
  • Two, it might help someone else out of the jungle should they experience the same problem.

In addition to photo editing you can build captions for your site. I use captions all the time and, since getting to know Picnik, I include many pics also. I recommend it highly.

So, if you have lots of pics and you would really like to share them but fall short because of size issues, give Picnik a shot. It is easy to use and it is faster than any other resizing online site I have tried. They also have many more editing options than the others. They offer both a free account and a premium account for mere change.

Once you’ve tried it, tell us what you THINK!AboutIt.




  1. says

    Go to the “forum for picnik users” above and post a question. I got an answer within a few hours.

    My problem was solved when I completed step 4. It took a while to get through that one but it worked. I never did 5 or 6. I also use a Mac but I’m not sure that has any bearing on the problem.

    Hope you get it sorted.

    If you find another solution please post it in comments here.

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