Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, I grew up loving the game of football and I’m an avid yet frustrated Jaguars fan.

After graduation from high school and before attending Bible college I studied marine engineering and visited several countries including Greenland, South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Trinidad, Panama, Philippines and Vietnam. I was fascinated with all of these countries but was attracted only to one. In fact, I have been living and ministering in South Africa for many years.

My wife, Becky, and I have two grown sons (one married) and three grandchildren.

About This Blog

Believing that all truth is God’s truth I enjoy reading books on various subjects and discussing these issues with people of opposing ideas. Therefore, I have found blogging a really enjoyable past time.

This site is dedicated to avoiding the same hackneyed answers to old gnawing questions about people and events in the Bible.

As mentioned in some of my posts Jesus often did things, which, on the surface don’t square with images of a loving God. His methods were very different to what we, from our modern day perspective expect, and because of that He is often accused of being insensitive and in-compassionate.

The same is true with the Old Testament. God’s instructions, teachings or actions are not easily understood, faults are assumed and God is accused.

To be honest I understand this response.

Personally my loyalties are with God and I prefer to believe there are reasons for some of His apparently less than humane actions but I don’t think poorly of people because they respond more accusingly.

Some Christians, however, don’t see it this way. Instead of being thoughtful and engaging, participating in a fair and open discussion, they become defensive and accusing, vilifying those who make the accusations. This kind of response is neither intelligent nor helpful. It is the response of a fearful mind and actually gives credence to the accusation. It is evidence that one is either insecure or unthinking or maybe both.

Even worse, this insecurity tends to feed extreme sectarianism. Not only are people who accuse God considered wrong, people who explain Him differently are disparaged also.

Similar things could be said for the opposing side as well. People who question God often do so because they don’t like Him and don’t want to believe in the first place. They assume that any credible evidence for His existence threatens them as individuals and they fight this. They try to prove He doesn’t exist as if doing so really means He doesn’t exist. Those who take unbelief to the extreme consider it all a joke anyway. No serious thought is required.

All of that is to say that both sides tend to be a bit over the top in their responses to opinions about God and most, if not all, are guilty, including me.

However, I started this blog with the intent of doing it differently. Any person of any perspective is welcome to read and comment. And, as usual only comments that attack or accuse personally will not be accepted.

If you disagree with me or any other person, that is your prerogative and it will be respected. In fact, I want to encourage the discussion between opposing opinions rather than become a “mutual admiration society.”

Because discussion which never allows for opposing opinions encourages narrow mindedness and stunts potential growth and believing that questions make us think and that disagreements encourage openness to new possibilities, everyone is invited to share their thoughts.

If, on occasion, there is a bit of heat that is OK. Even heated interactions can teach us how to manage discussions better. So feel free to read, think and share your thoughts. Tell us what you THINK!AboutIt.