6 Things Parents Learn From Kids

First Step: Get over your highfalutin self

Everyone Learns
Everyone Teaches

The fact that kids learn from parents is so apparent it smacks you in the face.

Kids start out as bundles of curiosity and parents are walking talking versions of Google. Kids learn. Parents teach.

What we don’t readily see, or wish to admit, is that parents can also learn from kids, and that shouldn’t sound strange. The adage “Never stop learning” applies to every person – including parents – and every relationship – including kids.

I’ve provided a sufficient number of lessons here (6) to establish the learning-in-reverse point. There could be more.

Before jumping into the lessons, there are three irrefutable facts that support the idea. [Read more…]

4 Reasons Never To Treat Children The Same

Even if parents were perfect enough to treat each child the same, life wouldn't cooperate.

First Grade
Isn’t The Same
For Anyone

Some parents pride themselves on treating all their children exactly the same. They even say this out loud as if that is the most honorable thing a parent can do.

Unfortunately for them, even if it were possible, it wouldn’t be true.

I do agree that parents should attempt to treat their children equally: equal opportunity, equal resources, equal time but even that isn’t possible. First children get all the attention until more are added and every child after that must share.

There’s nothing equal about that.

For those who obstinately argue the equal-treatment point, the Bible doesn’t help their case.

In fact, the Bible makes a few parenting statements that aren’t so easy to pin down. The meaning is clear but the applications are endless. They need qualification.

There is a reason for this. [Read more…]

x.vindicosuite.com Is An Unwanted Redirect (Intrusion)

Take nothing for granted!

A Quick Search
Revealed The Solution

I recently noticed some unusual click-thrus on my site, and being the curious person I am, I investigated further.

The clicks were actually a redirect, which means people were attempting to navigate to one page but instead being taken to a completely unexpected page, a page that had nothing to do with anything on my site: x.vindicosuite.com.

The last time I checked, that URL delivered a blank page.

I did a search and found several posts explaining what was happening. It involved Sitemeter, a visitor tracking service for websites. Any site that had their code installed was vulnerable to the redirect.

The bad news is, even though Sitemeter was notified well over a year ago, they’ve done nothing about it.

I only discovered the problem in May 2015 so there is no telling how many visitors this glitch has run off. Frustrating! [Read more…]

What Kind Of Savior Is Jesus? Precise!

Salvation isn't like your favorite parking spot, sometimes available, sometimes not.

Jesus Could Do
Anything And Everything
But He Hasn’t
Promised To

Jesus isn’t a rabbit’s foot, four leaf clover, wishbone or lucky charm.

Plastic replicas of Him on the dashboard will not keep you safe.

Any one of those things may salve you psychologically, and I’m happy for you if they help, but trinkets around your neck do not save.

I don’t doubt Jesus wants all of us to be safe. I also don’t think it’s His wish or will for anyone to hurt, get sick or die ever, for any reason, but we do. He doesn’t prevent these pains. Bad things happen occasionally. It’s inevitable.

Honesty Helps

We need to be honest with the facts. To believe Jesus is the Savior for every possible bad experience, makes Him a failure and us dupes.

But if our understanding of salvation is a little more focused, if we allow limits on what we expect, then we can eliminate several things from salvation’s list. For example: [Read more…]

Finding God In Life – Offenses Must Come

Forgive and you side with Jesus

Offenses Must Come
Avoid The Ones You Can
Use The Ones You Can’t

God isn’t isolated to one area or one time slot each week, like church.

He’s in church, yes, but no more so than the office or the kitchen or the wee hours of the morning when we can’t sleep. God is a little bigger than a few small segments of your life.

He’s everywhere all the time and He’s never idle.

He’s listening and responding even when He isn’t doing any apparent thing in your behalf.

He tags along everywhere we go, in church and out, and that means He is aware of it when we feel like people are throwing stones at us. He feels the impact of every stone but rather than protect us, He uses those “stone throwing” moments to help us learn.

Church is His classroom. Life is His internship.

Sometimes, however, we miss opportunities to gain valuable experience because we respond to life’s difficulties the wrong way. We feel cheated, insulted, unfairly passed over, misrepresented, falsely accused or manipulated – Offensive, all of it! – and we call on God to make it go away as if He is our personal judge, prosecutor and jury.

We cry and moan and writhe in pain and we usually do this because revenge isn’t really an option. Unfortunately, there is only one thing that helps and it is the last option on the list . . . if it’s on the list at all.

Forgive all the stone throwers!

Offenses Are Inevitable

Now, before I say more about forgiveness please understand that offenses are inevitable and Jesus is the one who made the point.

For offenses must come. (Matthew 18:7 – NKJV)

The proof of that statement is the reality we live everyday. Offenses occur more regularly than the sun rises and they come from every direction: [Read more…]