What Kind Of Savior Is Jesus? Unlimited!

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Jesus can save any person in any place at any time.

Salvation Is So Possible
It’s Likely

Simply put, Jesus Saves, full stop.

We can expand on the application of that idea, on it’s simple and singular meaning, but not by adding limitations. It isn’t Jesus Saves, But. The phrase can’t be nuanced in a restrictive way.

Jesus wants to save. He is anxious to save. And He is constantly ready to save any willing person, at any time, in any place.

In his Mars Hill speech Paul made it clear that God makes Himself accessible and knowable to every person in every generation so Jesus Saves means exactly that, without qualification. Jesus Saves.

You may qualify salvation. You may say a person must have faith, they must be willing to be saved and accepting, but you can’t put a limitation on the Savior.

Schedules Don’t Inhibit Jesus

Jesus is constantly ready, able and willing to do His work. There is no down time, no maintenance period during which He is inaccessible. Coffee breaks, vacation time, national holidays, sick days, afternoon slumps and personal time do not factor. You call, Jesus responds.

There’s never a moment Jesus is not immediately ready to save.

Geography Doesn’t Inhibit Jesus

No location is too out of the way. Extreme environments don’t inhibit Him. He is just as comfortable in a rain forest as in an asphalt jungle. Like the Psalmist said:

If I ascend up to heaven, you are there. If I make my bed in hell, behold, you are there. Psalm 138:8

Meaning, of course, that no person is geographically out of salvation’s range.

Politics Don’t Inhibit Jesus

No governing philosophy violates His sense of correctness to such an extent that Jesus withdraws the offer to save. He doesn’t mingle with capitalists and shun communists. He doesn’t associate with Republicans and sneer at Democrats.

No person rises to His standard or falls out of reach. He saves law enforcers and abusers alike.

Social Standing Doesn’t Inhibit Jesus

Class isn’t a problem for Jesus. He saved the wealthy, the poor, the sick and the rulers. Wealth was a barrier to those who had it but it never stopped Jesus. He interacted with many wealthy and saved several. Power blinded those who had it but it didn’t effect Jesus. He never lost sight of His purpose.

Jesus worked salvation’s miracle in every strata of society.

Religion Doesn’t Inhibit Jesus

And religion? Is there a religion or religions that effectively lock Jesus out? Not at all.

All truth is God’s truth wherever you find it: in church, out of church and in any kind of church. And all truth eventually leads to God, which in turn leads to Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t save in some churches and not in others. He’s not that sensitive.

Any person who hears salvation truth in any church, and believes it, will be saved. It really is that simple. Jesus really is that unlimited. And Jesus made the point best.

Truly, truly I say to you. The person that hears my word (any person, in any place, in or out of church, at any time) and believes on Him that sent me, has everlasting life (present tense, immediately at the moment of belief, in the very place of belief), and shall not (ever) come into condemnation but is past (definitely and finally) from death unto life. John 5:24 (parentheses added for emphasis)

In other words, Jesus Saves!


What Kind Of Savior Is Jesus? Secure!

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The only answer to attitude is quiet resolve.

Jesus Acted With Urgency
Not Aggression

Jesus wasn’t any more inflated by the people who cheered Him on than He was deflated by the people who opposed Him.

He was secure.

Jesus knew who He was. He was convinced that the world needed what He had to offer, whether they understood that or not, accepted it or not.

Jesus said what He needed to say. He did what needed to be done. He didn’t consult with the religious leaders, His family or His disciples. He spoke up. He acted.

Consensus in this situation was the same as asking permission to save a life. He came to save those who were ready, not argue with those who weren’t.

When people didn’t understand what He was doing, and that often was the case, He didn’t respond with frustration. When they argued against His teachings, He didn’t become defensive.

He didn’t try to explain what He really meant. He didn’t use the but what about this and don’t you think that arguments.

Jesus showed us that the only answer to attitude is quiet resolve. But it takes a very strong, secure person to live by that rule.

He was secure in Himself. He didn’t answer every contrary response. He expected us to figure it out.

His own disciples doubted almost His entire ministry. Read more

What Kind Of Savior Is Jesus? Certain!

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The saved aren't all equally expressive but they are equally certain.

A Meeting With Jesus
Can’t Be Mistaken
For Anything Else

Jesus was certain about salvation. There was nothing evasive or ambiguous in what he said or what He taught.

He was clear. He was definite. He didn’t leave us guessing.

His purpose statement is anything but vague:

The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. (Luke 19:10)

And John, speaking of salvation said:

As many as received Him, to them gave he the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name. (John 1:12)

There’s no uncertainty here and it’s simple. Believe and receive. It’s a guarantee.

There’s also no application process, no waiting period or probationary phase. Read more

4 Reasons Seeing Jesus Won’t Produce Faith

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Jesus was often not present when miracles occurred.

Would A Visible Jesus
Be Easier To Believe?

I know some of the places Jesus traveled and the roads He walked on but I’ve never walked those roads with Him.

I know He traveled by foot and the roads were dusty, but I’ve never observed Him washing the feet of others.

I know Jesus ate fish, honeycomb, figs, olives, bread and lamb, among other things, but I’ve never shared a meal with Him. I’ve never observed Him while He ate.

I know what Jesus taught and what He said in prayer but I’ve never heard the sound of His voice.

I know He had face to face conversations with individuals but I’ve never had the benefit of reading the approval, the concern or the frustration in His eyes.

I have no visuals of Jesus. I don’t know the shape of His beard or the length of His hair. I can only guess at how tall He was or how much He might have weighed.

I’m guessing He wasn’t overweight but I have no visual to prove that.

A limited number have claimed to have seen and conversed with Jesus on earth following His ascension. Some claim His healing powers are just as active today as they ever were.

I know it may seem negative to say it but I’m skeptical about those claims. Before you criticize me too sharply I would qualify my skepticism by saying I’m not cynical.

I have no doubt that Jesus could do all the things I’ve mentioned – walk with us, talk with us, eat with us – and I don’t blame people for wanting that to happen.

I just can’t figure out why He would do these things so sparingly now, when He was so generous with His presence or powers in the first century.

I also think His physical appearance may not be as much of a boon for Gospel as many think.

People often exclaim:

It would be easier to believe if Jesus would just show Himself to us! If He walked with us and talked with us, belief would be automatic! How could we deny Him in the face of His physical presence?

But there are several reasons I’m skeptical about that too. Read more

Book Review: The Green Ember by S. D. Smith

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Designed For Children
Written For Everyone

The Green Ember is a great story written well. Rabbits are the heroes, wolves and hawks the villains.

The story is full of intrigue, adventure, action, mystery, surprise and struggle, but with a good mix of humor and playfulness. Written for children but in a way adults will enjoy.

The characters (the good guys) depict personal growth, sacrifice, humility, loyalty, trust, wisdom and dedication. The bad guys do what we expect bad guys to do. The story encourages us to visualize, believe in and work toward a future we cannot see.

Problems are created and resolved. Empathy is felt for those being wronged and disgust for those causing it. You’ll easily recognize and identify with the characters: the strong, the weak, the frustrated and the struggling.

Get a FREE Kindle Reading App for any device (PC, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets) at Amazon.com

A few phrases I loved: Read more

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