Money Is Inseparably Both Mundane And Spiritual

A job is either an opportunity or a dungeon

Making And Managing Money
Is Spiritual

Everything is spiritual all the time, even very earthy things, and nothing illustrates that truth as clearly as money, otherwise known as filthy lucre. Let me explain.

When I was a kid my mother always made me wash my hands after handling money. “You never know where it has been” she would say, and over time I learned what she meant. Money is passed from one person to another (clean hands or not), kept in unhygienic places, even falls on the ground and stays in circulation anywhere from 18 months to several years. During that time it never gets washed. I never really understood how filthy money could be, however, till I moved to South Africa and discovered all the places people hid the stuff to keep it away from thieves. I won’t elaborate. You can imagine.

It isn’t difficult to make a spiritual connection here since cleanliness is next to godliness. Right?

But I also learned from an early age that money can be enticing. [Read more…]

“Financial Peace” by Dave Ramsey

Did you know that most Americans retire on an annual income below $10,000? Better yet, do you know why? If you can’t answer the question not too worry. Dave Ramsey’s book, “Financial Peace,” explains why this happens and tells us how to avoid landing on the wrong side of that statistic.

Financial Peace is a reference book, how-to book and biography all in one. Ramsey gives financial advice based on his personal experience instead of what he learned in a classroom. It’s the best “school of hard knocks” book around and his approach has proven so useful to so many that he presently conducts a nationally syndicated daily call-in radio program, regular seminars and a twelve week training program (Financial Peace University) all dedicated to financial health.

But it wasn’t always great for Dave.

Ramsey was on top of the world or so it seemed before going bankrupt at the age of 26. Following popular trends he used borrowed money to invest in more than $4 million worth of Nashville, TN real estate only to realize that unexpected events can change everything. He learned that “high on the hog” can be synonymous with “brink of disaster.” Jaquars, designer suits and even a good name didn’t help much when the banks called in his loans. [Read more…]

Parable Of The Talents – Making It Happen

The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) is one passage that places great significance on human productivity. Not activity, not busyness, not even consistency but results. Caution is almost spoken against. If we read this parable properly we get the idea that God is more concerned about the growth we stimulate than He is about the methods used to get there.

In the passage Jesus tells of an investor, the Master, who gives money to three different asset managers. The amount given to each is proportionate to his abilities.

One man receives five thousand dollars, a second receives two thousand and a third receives one thousand and obviously, the intent is for each to increase those monies through investment.

After an appropriate amount of time the Master returns to check on the growth of each account. To his approval, the first two double the original investment to ten thousand and four thousand dollars respectively.

To his dismay, the third gained no increase and the explanation for this failure draws severe criticism from the investor. [Read more…]

Investing In Foreclosed Property

I just spent the last two weeks searching and arranging details for my first home purchase. It was a time consuming process but I learned a lot and hope to share some of that learning with you. I haven’t closed on the property yet and will post information as we proceed but I wanted to write about some of the initial stages while it is still fresh.

Because this was my first purchase I proceeded very cautiously and I recommend that approach for every new home buyer. It can be a complicated process and mistakes in the early stages could create pressure in the latter stages. You can get into trouble if you aren’t sufficiently prepared or knowledgeable. The large number of foreclosures on the market is evidence of that. I have been planning for this transaction for a few years and the planning involved several key issues three of which I will address here. [Read more…]

“The Future of Management” by Gary Hamel

Normally, “management” wouldn’t be listed as one of the top ten most exciting topics to discuss on a blog but it deserves a hearing here because Gary Hamel does something revolutionary with the subject.  He dismantles everything we have been taught on the issue and begins building again from the ground up (a perspective that really comes alive in the text).

His book, “The Future of Management,” is not about best business practices or the best use of traditional management styles – booooring.  It is about being innovative and adaptable, instead of traditional, to keep pace with new technology and meet the changing demands of market morphings.

Gary’s writing is aimed mostly at commercial organizations but the principles are universal.  They can be applied to any group of organized individuals: schools, government or even church, and the truth is, they all need to rethink how they operate.

Today’s world will be obsolete in a couple of years, at most, and for businesses to successfully survive the change – or anyone else for that matter – they will need to develop processes that are highly tuned to grass roots developments, in real time, and have the agility to respond as required.  If these ideas leave you incredulous watch the video. [Read more…]