“2012” – A Review With A Twist

Because 2012 The Movie wasn’t released in South Africa until 3 Dec, three weeks following the first public viewing of the film elsewhere, this review comes a little late.  Fortunately, the real message of the film isn’t dated – yet – so a good look is still relevant.

The movie was good in many ways and a bit over the top in some.  The suspense started at the beginning and didn’t stop till the end. I guess the breath holding and nervous jumps fit the tenor of the film but 2 hours and 37 minutes is a long time to hold ones breath. [Read more…]

“Surrogates” Movie Review

Gendre:  Sci-Fi with a moral.

Release dates:  25 Sept 09 (USA), 13 Nov 09 (South Africa)


  • Bruce Willis  –  Tom Greer, FBI agent
  • Radha Mitchell  –  Jennifer Peters, FBI agent
  • Rosamund Pike  –  Maggie, wife of Tom.  Works as a facial features stylist for surrogates
  • James Cromwell  – Dr. Lionel Canter, inventor of surrogacy and head of VSI
  • Ving Rhames  –  The Prophet and leader of those violently opposing surrogacy

Set in 2017, VSI, the Microsoft of robotic technology, develops the ability to manufacture human-like and very functional robot models (surrogates) for every person and the best part is these models can be controlled by the robot’s owner (operator) from the safety of home.  Ultimately, they create a world in which robots rule outside the home and humans never need leave the house or bed even. [Read more…]