Book Review: “Father Joe”

Father Joe is a religious book with a very human side, a biography of sorts whose main character comes in late and only dots the printed landscape intermittently but is the one person who makes the story worth reading slowly and more than once.

If you are denominationally minded but disenchanted by sectarianism you will love this book. If you are on the outside religiously but maintain a distant interest, you’ll find Father Joe compelling. He gives new hope to those still looking. He clarifies the issues, brightens the image of religion and puts a human, yet truthful face on truth.

He’s universal. Whatever your background you will relate to Father Joe.

This book illustrates the difficulties of combining divine and human realities. In true satirical manner the technicalities of Christian theology is juxtaposed with human frailty demonstrating the discord between the two but without the insult.

Lots of humor and very entertaining – at times Monty Python-ish – but mostly an honest, sometimes humble look at the struggle to mesh bare truth with experience. Although written from a Catholic perspective, verities embraced by all Christians are featured: selfishness is sinful, forgiveness is needed, penance has many forms, sex is a healthy reality and so on. [Read more…]

Thought On Mindset Mobility

Don’t be so open minded your brain falls out
Or so closed you don’t use it any more

Neither mindless nor thoughtless
Nor flux nor flixed
Are places to be

One never settles
The other never moves

The middle is considered compromise
But repentance requires change

Where are you?  


What Is The Point of Truth

Christians have “Truth” but they often miss the point entirely.  It’s like the guy who drives a petrol hogging, smog belching SUV but uses recycled-paper checks to pay the bill.  You don’t have to be ecologically minded to see the contradiction.  It appeases Green philosophies in one way and abuses them in another.  It is like putting water in a bucket that has a large hole in the bottom.  What’s the point?

Christians are guilty of this faulty logic also.  We love the truth, or at least we give that idea lip surface often and very loudly, but the question is, which truth do we love most and better yet, why do you love it?  What’s your purpose?   What’s the point? [Read more…]

Contending For The Faith Or With The Faithful?

Sovereignty. Everyone believes in it but we don’t all measure it the same way. For some sovereignty means God has all the power and all the will. He isn’t just omnipotent He is dominant. Everything that is or will be, was determined (pre – before it actually happened) by Him (salvation particularly). You can accept His outcomes and go with the flow or not, (you can only buck His plan if He decided you would, even if you didn’t want to) but you can’t change it.

In this scheme, God has pre-knowledge of all things because He planned it. He knew what would happen because He caused it. Taking this idea to its logical end, we don’t have to do anything. In fact, we can’t. Do you have a career path? Only if God wants it. Can you tell us what it is? Only when God shows it. If God’s will is such, why do we need a will at all? [Read more…]