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SiteGround Is Breaking
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For years I hosted with HostGator and they were great up until recently. Down town started to increase and support was difficult to connect with.

The last straw was waiting 45 minutes for a chat and almost an hour for a phone connection.

I began looking around for a replacement host and discovered one I think will be good for at least another five years, SiteGround.

They received positive mention from Chris Lema, a WordPress guru of sorts. WP Site Care did several tests over a number of months which convinced them to move their accounts over to SiteGround.

That convinced me too, so I moved. What I’ve found so far is:

Their Chat Support Is Incredibly Fast

The chats connect within seconds. No lie.

You click chat, they start chatting. The chat personnel aren’t perfect. They don’t always have the answer you need immediately but they can refer you to links which are often helpful and if you feel the person you’re dealing with isn’t up to snuff, you have the option to ask for another.

Their Response To Support Tickets Breaks Records

I’ve always steered away from the dreaded “ticket” support system. It’s the snail mail of the internet. You submit a problem and then wait for who knows how long, unless you happen to be dealing SiteGround. They respond to support tickets within minutes. I’m not kidding.

And once the first response arrives the questions and answers are back and forth like a tennis match.

In just a few short days of transferring my site over I opened 5 tickets with several back-and-forths in each. I doubt I had that many in several years with any other host provider.

I used to prefer toll free phone lines to tickets. Now, give me a ticket option any day. I’m loving it.

So Far Their Site Seems To Be More Navigable

Don’t get me wrong. Hosting is a crazily complex issue so no hosting site is going to be a breeze but compared to others I’ve used SiteGround has proven to be fairly intuitive. And, again, if you have a question, just ask. They’re 24/7 and they’ll answer shortly.

They Are Set Up For WordPress

No one does blogging better than WordPress and SiteGround provides a great place to host a WordPress site. They feature:

  • Free WP install.
  • Free WP migration (they will move a site for you).
  • WP autoupdates.
  • Free Domain Name.
  • Email accounts.
  • 24/7 support phone/chat/ticket.
  • Choice of three server locations.

They even recommend plugins to make sure your site is fast. If you have questions about any of that, they’ll answer them quickly.

I know the migration part works because they moved my site. I learned some things in the process too. Always a plus.

Lastly but not leastly.

They Offer Very Competitive Pricing

You won’t find a better price and I doubt you’ll find better service. If you’re thinking about moving give SiteGround a call.


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